Where to buy RTA Poker Software [Updated 2022]

Where to buy RTA Poker Software [Updated 2022]

Finding the right poker RTA

Finding the RTA poker software that is right for you might seem like a daunting task. You obviously want one that is secure because you don’t want your account to get banned or have your funds confiscated.

You also want one that actually produces a good winrate. The problem is that it’s a jungle out there, every RTA provider boasts about how their RTA is the best, but the truth is most RTAs are mediocre.

To help you in this process, we have constructed a checklist that you can use to determine if the RTA you’ve found is one you should hold on to or run away from.

The poker RTA checklist

These are the traits of a high-end RTA poker software in 2022:

  • Undetectable
  • Winrate of at least 5bb/100, more when used well
  • Solutions created by high-stakes players with a deep understanding of game theory and made with the purpose of using as an RTA
  • Average solution loading time of 1-2 seconds or less
  • Very few bugs, the software should be working 99% of the time
  • Customer support that is there for you 24/7 and that wants to help you achieve your goals in poker

If you’ve found an RTA that meets these requirements, there’s no need for you to read further. Unless you’re interested in taking the next step in the poker software hierarchy and using an RTA counter.

RTA poker market

One of the first places to look is the “Poker AI Forum”. This is a forum where people interested in poker RTA, botting, and AI freely discuss the latest developments in the industry. There is also a marketplace section where companies and groups advertise their products, this can be an excellent place to look.

Other than that, there is no collection of RTAs listed anywhere so this article will have to do that job. 

So let’s go over the most popular RTAs together.

What are the most popular poker RTAs


PokerOCR has been public for the longest time out of the RTAs listed here. The positive thing about it is that from a hardware standpoint, it’s quite safe. The downside is that it requires two computers and a very complex setup. 

This is not the type of software you can try out first to see if it’s good, it requires a significant commitment to get started (buying a bunch of different hardware, etc).

One has to give credit though for their wide support of different poker sites.

PokerOCR does not claim to be a great RTA, they just provide the OCR part of the RTA. So you will need the other half which is “checkmath”. The checkmath solutions are unfortunately not of good quality, the biggest issue is that they haven’t been made for the purpose of being used as an RTA, which means the player will at best break even.

If PokerOCR would improve its system, make it more lightweight, and hire experts to run solutions for them, it could become a viable option for people that play NL10-NL100 and are looking for an RTA.


I think it’s important to start off by saying that AlphaPoker is meant as an educational tool and they state on their website that if you follow AP 1:1, you will most likely lose money. 

With that being said, they do have a nice looking UI and have been around since 2017. It’s unfortunate that this project never seemed to take off and it appears the team behind AlphaPoker stopped its development in 2020.

AlphaPoker already has decent publicity so if they decide to dedicate the time and money to improve their software I think they could do some good things.


ZeroSolver made headlines when they performed huge bot spam on poker servers on discord. This got them a lot of attention from the mainstream poker media.

As for their product itself, it’s more a GTO Wizard variant than an RTA. To get solutions you have to click manually and find the spot you are in. This takes a lot of time and poker sites will detect the player’s mouse movement and ban them. ZeroSolver should do a better job of warning their players of this.

They do also have an automated version but they face similar issues to PokerOCR. The setup is expensive and you will have to buy new hardware to use it. 

When you’ve done that you will find that their solutions are of poor quality. They are missing a lot of sizes that players use which not only affects the viability as an RTA but it also restricts the EV of their solutions. For this reason, ZeroSolver is likely to lose you money, and at best break even. 

But there is potential. Having a break-even product is better than no product at all. They can build on it and improve it over time.

Poker RTA Counter


GVISION doesn’t fall into the traditional group of RTAs. It’s actually not an RTA, rather it’s a counter to RTA, but it still meets all the requirements in the checklist above. 

GVISION started out as a private project for close friends only but slowly expanded and we’re now taking on clients under monthly subscriptions.

The team behind GVISION has always been obsessed with providing the perfect poker software and experience. One example of that is the level of care that went into our sims. 

We hired experts in game theory and spent months creating our solutions.

I can’t say that we’re doing everything perfectly though. We still have a lot of improvements that we’d like to make.

We want to be 10x better than the other poker software out there. We want it to be clear to all poker players that GVISION is the best choice they can make, by far.


Finding the right poker RTA is not an easy task and the options out there are not all good. We honestly believe your best bet is to take the next step in the evolution of poker and use an RTA counter like GVISION. 

From that point onwards, all you need to do is put in volume and you will secure your financial freedom.

If you’re interested in getting a better understanding of what an RTA is, check out this article.

Poker winnings graph of a professional player over a large sample of hands using real-time assistance software