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Made by Professional Poker Players

The perfect strategy.

From a game theoretical perspective, poker is a game of incomplete information. It can be solved. This solution is called the nash-equilibrium. It’s a strategy that cannot lose in the long run. It either breaks even or wins. And it only requires a tiny mistake of our opponents for us to win.

The nash-equilibrium however, hasn’t been computed yet. It’s too complex. But we can approximate the game and simplify it, and calculate solutions for those situations. This simplification, however, is not easy and requires a lot of expertise to do correctly.

This is the reason why the poker solutions that you find online are usually of bad quality. And the reason why (besides all the technical complexities) powerful RTA software is not yet prevalent.

Powerful artificial intelligence such as Libratus and Pluribus was created by top-level engineers, and paid millions of dollars, by Facebook AI and other large tech companies.

To create GVISION, we hired game theory experts, who took their time to truly understand the situation and what we wanted to achieve.

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.
— Einstein

With them we crafted software that is powerful, but also tailored to our target customer:

People who understand the struggle of poker, of having to learn endless advanced strategies that nobody understands, who hate the feeling of being lost and being unsure whether or not it’s variance or their skill, and who just want real advice they can trust.

We went ahead with this goal in mind, and are proud to present GVISION. A user interface made as simple as possible without lacking any relevant information. Solutions that produce definite results. And, most importantly, an experience that is both fun, and makes our clients rich.

Made by pros — for pros.


Poker winnings graph of a professional player over a large sample of hands using real-time assistance software